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When taking on a project such as refinishing the cabinets in your home, there is a certain finesse and process to be followed in order for the newly completed cabinets to stand up over time. Our Paint Professionals make sure they do what ever it takes, to guarantee your freshly painted cabinets will not peel or scratch when finished. Let us take care of you!

Refurbishing Cabinets


Pictured to the left is before Trimworks Paintworks came into this beautiful home.


Pictured to the right is once the kitchen cabinets had been refurbished. This customer went with an accent color on the bottom cabinets and the rest were a nice creamy color to go with her the rest of her kitchen in the home.


Before and After Kitchen Island Cabinet. The rest of the Kitchen Cabinets were completed as well. Before and After Shown Below. These Oak Cabinets were completely refurbished and grain filler used to help eliminate the grain in the cabinet doors, so it did not show through the paint as much. Looks like a brand new kitchen. Kitchen Cabinets also had Crown Molding added to the top of the cabinets.  The new white cabinets definitely brightened this dark Kitchen up and looks amazing off the customers Red accent wall. 



Before and After Kitchen Cabinets. On the left you can see the Original Color of the Cabinets. The Cabinets were prepped and refinished and Painted Sherwin Williams Pure White. The Picture to the right is just after the cabinets were completed being repainted and the customer then had their new back splash installed! Wow, what a transformation!

Kitchen Cabinets

Before and After


Pictured to the right is after TRIMWORKS PAINTWORKS refurbished the cabinets. The dark stained cabinets were transformed to a nice clean and crisp white. The new color helps brighten up the kitchen and make it feel bigger. The color the customer choose for the cabinets blends great with their countertops and backsplash very well.


Pictured to the left are the cabinets prior to be refurbished. These dark stained cabinets made the kitchen very dark and small. These cabinets were in need of a makeover.


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